Upgrade Bios of the Aptiva 1xx series

Aptiva 1xx and bios problems.

The bios of your Aptiva 1xx computer should be upgraded whem you are inslling new big hard disks because they will not be recognised correctly!!!.

GreenBallThe IBM Aptiva 1xx Bios upgrade

Download the file and let it create a bootup disk, read the instructions and go.

The translation of the drives will be fixed allthough I still have problems with my bios. When I connect 4 IDE pheriphicals to the IDE buss the PC runns into the bios at every cold boot. It states that the hardware changed (as it did not) and starts the bios to get a confirmation (very frustrating) I still haven't found a solution to this problem other than to disconnect my cd-rom player. The exact configuration is: 1.7 Gb HD on the primary IDE as master with a 2.5 GB HD as slave, and a 6.5 Gb HD on the seccundary IDE as Mster and my CD-rom as slave. If any one has a solution i´d love to here so. (PS. I tried all the combinations of connecting to the IDE's that are possible and none worked.)


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