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I re-constructed this page from the originals by Russ Norris to help out fellow Aptiva owners, particularly 1xx and 3xx series in europe, and provide some of the little tidbits of knowledge that Russ and I have acquired in the two years that we have an IBM Aptiva (Russ a M40, me a 172). This page was not constructed to blast IBM. I believe that for its faults, IBM is still one of the best computer companies around and it takes better care of it's customers than do most other companies. Please feel free to browse around and see if anything interests you. If you don't find what you are looking for, or if you know of a trick I have not mentioned, please feel free to E-mail me. Also keep in mind that these hints were developed on an Aptiva 2168-M40 or 2168-172 with Windows95/98. They may or may not work on your system.

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GreenBallGeneral Aptiva Links
IBM Aptiva Homepage
BlueballIBM Aptiva Support Page
BlueballIBM Aptiva Support Software
BlueballAptiva Technical Manuals
BlueballThe IBM Email Address Directory
BlueballThe IBM Aptiva Parts Directory

GreenBallMwave Sound/Modem/Voice Card
The Unofficial Mwave at Watson Home Page
BlueballMwave Drivers Win95 28k8 and 33k6.New

GreenBallAptiva Upgrades
Win 95 Aptiva Communications Center (US).
BlueballWin 3.1/OS2 Aptiva Communications Center (US).
BlueballIBM Aptiva bios upgrade for 1xx series.
BlueballAptiva 1xx and 3xx System Memory.
BlueballAptiva 4xx and S System Memory.
BlueballAptiva 1xx and 3xx System Processor.
BlueballAptiva 1xx and 3xx System Jumper Designations.
BlueballAptiva 1xx and 3xx MMX Upgrade.
BlueballAptiva 4xx and S System Processor.
BlueballAptiva 4xx and S System Jumper Designations.
BlueballSystem Overclock.
BlueballExternal Cache
BlueballTrident 9680 Graphics Card drivers for 1xx and 3xx from Trident or IBM .
BlueballATI 3D Rage drivers for Sxx and certain 4xx models from ATI or IBM.
BlueballInstall a Third Party Graphics Card

Some of the hints I have listed on this page can cause problems with your system. I am not responsible if you attempt anything listed here and your machine turns into a vegetable. Please remember to backup your hard drive, or at least important files, whenever you tamper with or modify any system settings.

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