Upgrade System Memory

Aptiva 4xx and S Memory

These systems can be upgraded to 128 megs of memory. You can use eighther SIMMS (Single Inline Memory Modules) or DIMMS (Dual Inline Memory Mdules). There is only one slot for a DIMM Module.

As with most Pentium systems, SIMM memory must be upgraded in pairs. If you want to add 8 Meg, you need to purchase two 4 Meg SIMMs (Single Inline Memory Modules). If you want to 16 Meg, then you need to purchase two 8 Meg SIMMs.

You must obtain SIMMs with the following specifications:

  1. 72 Pin
  2. 32 or 36 bit
  3. 70 nanoseconds
  4. IBM suggests gold contacts but tin contacts seem to work fine.
  5. EDO Reccommended

Special Notes:

1. According to IBM, the systems will take a SDRAM DIMM MODULE. This is good news for those that are looking for the fastest memory. On the other hand, before you run out and spend that money recent tests show no considerable improvement of using SDRAM over EDO. This is partly due to the 66 Mhz Bus limitation. So you may want to save money and stick with EDO. Also you are still limitted to a 16 meg DIMM module so your SIMMS are still EDO. Also some configurations of SIMMS and DIMMS may add a wait state to your system which will decrease performance. (Not noticably)


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