Aptiva 1xx and 3xx System Jumper Designations


Locations and Descriptions

Note: Only things labeled with JP(number) are jumpers. Other designations are location references, connectors, etc.

All notations correspond to the diagram below.

BT1 Battery
J1 Mouse connector
J2 Keyboard connector
J3 Power supply connector
J4 Power supply connector
J5 Riser Connector--ISA AT bus
J6 Monitor signal connector
J7 Serial Port A connector
J8 Serial Port B connector
J9 Parallel Port connector (Printer)
J10 Diskette drive connector
J11 Internal VGA video connector
J12 Primary Hard Disk IDE (Hard Disk 1, Hard Disk 2)
J13 Secondary Hard Disk IDE (Hard Disk 3 or CD-ROM, Hard Disk 4)
J14 System board voltage regulator
J15 Power Supply 2-pin connector (On/off switch)
J16 Power Supply 3-pin connector
J17 HDD/Power LED connector (Power: 1-2, HDD: 3-4)
J18 VESA Video feature connector
J19 External voltage regulator connector
J21 Primary cache memory connector
J22 Secondary cache memory connector
J23 SIMM 72-pin Socket - Bank 0
J24 SIMM 72-pin Socket - Bank 1
J27 SIMM 72-pin Socket - Bank 2
J28 SIMM 72-pin Socket - Bank 3
J30 Fan +12 V dc connector
J31 Modem wake-up on ring connector
JP1 External speaker (Enable: 1-2, Disable: open)
JP2 System board bus speed (50 Mhz: 1-3, 2-4, 60 Mhz: 1-3, 4-6, 66.6 Mhz: 3-5, 4-6)
JP3 Processor Speed (75, 90, 100 Mhz: 1-3, 120, 133, 150, 166 Mhz: 1-3, 2-4)
JP6 Cache memory size selection
JP9 System board flash jumper (Normal: 1-2)
JP12 Diskette Drive (FDD) write enable (Enable: 1-2, Disable:open)
JP15 Smart Energy System SES (Enable: 2-3, Disable: 1-2)
JP18/JP19 Processor Manufacturer (Intel: 1-2, Cyrix: 2-3)
JP20 Regular DRAM, EDO DRAM (Normal: 1-2)
JP21 Processor clock voltage selection (+5 V dc: 1-2, +3.3 V dc: 2-3)
JP22 Battery/CMOS (Battery On (Normal): 1-2, Clear CMOS: open)
JP25 Processor speed (75, 90, 100, 120, 133 Mhz: 1-2, 150, 166 Mhz: 2-3)
U3 Processor
U4 Data buffer controller
U5 System controller
U6 -
U31 Video DRAM module connector
U32 Video DRAM module connector
U34 Video controller

Sytem Board Layout - Type I-2


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