The Soft Ware is split into the following sections:


When a *.exe, *.bat or *.cmd file pops up you should open (run) it and OR save it. A *.ZIP or *.ARJ archive (or any other archive) you should save and unpack using the Total Commander or WINRAR. Don't forget to read the info files !!

The Promised zachtewaren bit:


Total Commander 6.01 for Windows 95+ - New name for Windows Commander !! The best file manager there is (build in ZIP/RAR/FTP etc. capabilities) MUSTHAVE !!! Website.
WINrar v3.30 - To create-unpack RAR archives. Website.

Multimedia Codecs (also check the doom9 software and-or guides section(s))

DivX 3.30 alpha+ - Composed by me, all you need for DivX playback up to 5.1.1: The DivX 3.11a codec + VKI patch + DivX5 does not play DivX3 fix + Vulture Patch #1 + playback codec 5.1.1 + Logo disabled + AC3 !!!
DivX Matrox G400/450 fix - At the moment there is a small incompatibility between DivX ;-), MS MPEG4, WM7, WM8 codecs and Matrox G400/G450 drivers/hardware (info). Will also prevent wrongfull upsidedown or mirrored playback of DivX movies. Website
DivX 5.1.1 Pro Playback Codec only - the latest 5.x.x release from the brand new DivX codec from the projectmayo guys. No relation to DivX3.x whatsoever, but downward-compatible - only for playback. Made a playback only install as they don't offer it themselves. Website.
XviD MPEG4 Codec - v1.0.2(Koepie)

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