Install a Third Party Graphics Card


Aptiva 1xx and 3xx Video Card Installation The procedure for installing a video card in an older Aptiva is actually easier than in a newer 4xx or S model, as there are no jumpers to move. The BIOS simply detects the new card and uses it as the primary graphics adapter. If you use Windows 3.1 or OS2, simply follow the directions that come with the new card and everything should work correctly. (However, please note the cautions regarding specific video cards at the bottom of the page.)

The challenge is getting Windows 95 to work with a new video card and the existing Trident card. Each time you restart your system, Win95 will attempt to initialize the Trident card, causing a potential conflict with your new card. You can't physically remove the Trident card because it is integrated into the motherboard. The following in the procedure for configuring a new video card under Windows 95.

  1. Set your video configuration to 640 x 480 at 256 colors.
  2. Enter the Windows 95 Device Manager and locate the Trident Card under the Display Adapters heading.
  3. Double click the Trident entry to access the Properties dialog box.
  4. Click the General tab and find the Device Usage field.
  5. Clear the Original Configuration check box and keep pushing the OK button until you exit the Device Manager.
  6. Turn off your system.
  7. Install your video card.
  8. Turn on your system and install the new video card drivers as directed.
  9. Everything should work fine. If you re-enter Device Manager, you will see that the Trident Card entry has a yellow Exclamation Mark over it. This is normal and should not be deleted.

Aptiva 4xx and S Video Card Installation

The Aptiva C and S on board video card must be disabled by resetting JP10 to 2-3 before the installation of a new video card. For more information about this jumper, check here. Once the jumper is reset, the new video card will install as directed by the manufacturer.


I have been told that the following cards work in the Aptiva:

  1. Matrox Cards (I have a Matrox Mystique installed and HIGHLY recommend them on the Aptiva. Even Rapid Resume works.)
  2. ATI Cards (ATI cards are used in the Aptiva S) - The ATI 3D Rage and TV cards have been known to cause Rapid Resume failures and possible BIOS compatibility problems in Aptiva A systems.
  3. STB Velocity 3D (Will cause system hangs without newest BIOS version. Even after BIOS upgrade, creates conflicts with Rapid Resume.)
  4. #9 Motion771 4mb

I have been told that the following cards do not work or caused hangs when installed in the Aptiva.
Whether this was an installation error or hardware incompatibility I do not know. If you have the answers, please E-mail me.

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