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For those wishing to overclock their systems, the following links will get you to tables containing the correct jumper settings. As for the actual procedure, I'm not going to waste bandwidth going over it here when it is described much better than I could do at Tom's Hardware Performance Site I recommend that you read the entire section on Overclocking before moving any jumpers around.

Aptiva 1xx and 3xx Systems

Aptiva 4xx and S Systems.

Special Notes on Aptiva 1xx and 3xx Systems

1. The P133 is difficult, if not impossible, to overclock on the Aptiva 1xx and 3xx. Intel intentionally manufactured many P133 chips in such a way that they will not accept a 2.5 multiplier, which is the only multiplier available on an Aptiva to overclock a P133 system. If you want to know if your system contains one of these "cursed" processors, look at the bottom markings on the processor (you have to pull it out). If it reads "SY022" or SU073" there is about a 50% chance you can not overclock. An alternate method of overclocking the P133 is to increase the bus speed, but the bus speed on a P133 Aptiva is already at the maximum supported by the motherboard. As a result, many 133Mhz Aptiva owners are simply out of luck.

2. Those with good eyes may see JP21 on their Aptiva 1xx and 3xx motherboards. It is labelled "CLK" with settings for "5.0v" and "3.3v", and the 5.0v setting is jumpered. At first glance, this seems completely incorrect, as the Pentiums run at 3.3v, not 5.0v. However, according to IBM this jumper has nothing to do with the processor voltage so best leave it alone. (What it does, I have no idea.)

Special Notes on Aptiva 1xx and 3xx Systems

1. None (have any to add?)


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